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About Sheldon S. Crocker

Keynote Inspirational Speaker – Human Inclusion Specialist – Published Author

Born with Arthrogryposis, a condition causing limited mobility and joint contractions, Crocker has surmounted considerable challenges. Faced with physical limitations and an initial inability to walk or move his arms above his chest, he adapted positively to his circumstances, employing determination and perseverance to ultimately learn to walk by using walls for support.

Crocker transformed his experiences into powerful talks, utilizing humor and inspiration to motivate audiences to chase their dreams. His achievements have resulted in appearances on national news programs, networks, and a feature in the MerB’y Documentary and Calendar, where he became the first person with a physical disability to be included.

Crocker has gained recognition through various roles, including receiving the Human Relations Award during Dale Carnegie training, participating in Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir, and serving as Vice President of Public Relations with Iceberg Alley Online Toastmasters. His experiences overcoming addiction fuel his passion for sharing his story.

Recent accomplishments include speaking at a TEDx-style event by Chabad of Newfoundland and authoring ‘KEEP on WALKING – A Transformative & Inspirational Journey.’ As the current Past-President of the Positive Thinkers Club – St. John’s, he advocates for inclusion, integration, and diversity.

Crocker’s unique, motivational message centers on the belief that “What you do today shapes your future.” His compassionate, empathetic approach, rooted in personal experiences, resonates with audiences, inspiring them to invest in themselves and their futures.



  1. They compete on price, and their customers don’t understand what sets them apart.
  2. At times, even the client is uncertain about the future vision of their company.
  3. The company must continuously explain its vision to its employees.
  4. Attracting and retaining top talent is difficult for them.
  5. Unplanned growth has led to inconsistencies in their product/service brands.
  6. Acquisitions and mergers can exacerbate their disorganized brand architecture.
  7. If people were aware of the true facts about the company and its industry, it would easily be a leader.
  8. They recognize that without profit, there is no sustainable business.
  9. Despite their efforts, they struggle to reach the next level of success.
  10. They lack a strong foundation for business control, leaving them vulnerable when challenges arise, and feeling as if they are merely along for the ride.
Keynote Speaker Sheldon Crocker from Sheldon's Transformative Thinking at sheldonstransformativethinking.com
Sheldon Crocker from Sheldon's Transformative Thinking at sheldonstransformativethinking.com

clients FEARS

  1. They are afraid they don’t really know what they’re doing.
  2. Many owners fear money, including not having enough, losing what they have, or not making enough.
  3. They often worry about missing some significant opportunity.
  4. They care so deeply that it becomes difficult to delegate tasks to others.
  5. Perfectionism can make them believe that no one else can perform tasks as well as they can.
  6. The possibility of getting sued or facing other catastrophes is a constant concern.
  7. They may be fearful and obsessed with market fluctuations and economic conditions.
  8. Burnout is a common issue, as there never seem to be enough hours in the day.
  9. The responsibility of paying employees and supporting their families weighs heavily on them.
  10. They may fear losing clients to competitors who can offer better services or solutions.

Living with Arthrogryposis, Crocker follows the motto “stay positive, adapt, and make things work.” Despite physical challenges, he learned to walk at the age of five. His love for pool resulted in a distinctive one-armed technique, leading to the moniker “The One-Armed Bandit.” He has participated in prominent pool tournaments and appeared on national news programs, showcasing his humor and style.

Throughout his career, Crocker has been an inspiration to many. He was the first individual with a physical disability to be featured in the MerB’y documentary and calendar. Surmounting obstacles in creating friendships, he earned the Dale Carnegie Human Relations Award and has been part of Stella’s Circles’ Inclusion Choir for six years. His roles have included Ambassador for Accessible and Vice President of Education at Iceberg Alley Online Toastmasters.

Frequently speaking at events, Crocker shares his journey overcoming addiction and motivating others. He recently presented at a TEDx-style event hosted by the Jewish Congregation of Newfoundland.

Keynote speaker, Human Integration Specialist, and published author Sheldon R. S. Crocker is on a mission to inspire leaders with his transformative thinking techniques

As a published author of ‘KEEP on WALKING – A Transformative & Inspirational Journey,’ Crocker considers this his greatest accomplishment. He has presented, spoken, and inspired audiences in more than 10 countries via the internet and serves as the past president of the Positive Thinkers Club – St. John’s.

Crocker is a strong advocate for inclusion, integration, and diversity, driven by his passion for helping others and his knowledge of engaging the masses. He views disability as dis-ABILITY to challenge himself and dis-ABILITY to empower others.

Listeners of his talks often become introspective and gain confidence that consistent effort will lead to positive outcomes. Crocker’s passion, compassion, empathy, and humility stem from his lived experiences with the issues he discusses.

Aiming to make a difference in someone’s life, he shares the experiences he wishes he had as a child. Crocker began speaking publicly about his life challenges six years ago.

He says, “I felt like I had no voice for much of my life and was too afraid to share my stories. But now, I tell my story so often that one day, people will get up and say fifteen simple but powerful words: ‘My name is _______, I have lived with a medical condition, and I am joyful.’”

Mission Statement

Sheldon’s Transformative Thinking focuses on inspiring global leaders to create positive change, empowering individuals, and fostering social prosperity through innovative conversations. By collaborating with leaders and decision-makers to develop inventive strategies, Sheldon’s Transformative Thinking promotes creative problem-solving and beneficial outcomes for all. Central to their mission is the belief that everyone can positively impact the world. By empowering individuals to discover their unique strengths, Sheldon’s Transformative Thinking works to achieve personal fulfillment and social prosperity. Ultimately, through collaboration and innovation, they aim to create a ripple effect of positive change, leading to a future where everyone can reach their full potential.


Sheldon’s Transformative Thinking aims to foster a world where the power of ideas is universally appreciated and adopted in the next five years. By offering engaging presentations, motivational books, and interactive online courses, it empowers individuals to trust their unique abilities to create positive change in their lives and communities. This approach inspires people to recognize their inner greatness and feel confident in their potential to significantly impact the world. In this envisioned future, inspiration is the key to success, motivating and enabling individuals to unlock their full potential and pursue their dreams with passion and purpose. The transformative power of ideas will continue to influence the world as people realize their own greatness and the potential for positive change within themselves.

Current Main Topic

The topic of “Transform Your Attitude, Feel Gratitude - Living with determination, courage and perseverance” centers on personal growth and self-improvement. The theme highlights the significance of adopting a positive attitude, cultivating gratitude, and demonstrating determination, courage, and perseverance in one’s life. The meaning of this phrase urges individuals to face and surmount challenges, such as chronic depression, addiction, and childhood trauma, by altering their mindset and adopting a more positive perspective. The message conveyed is that by transforming one’s attitude and concentrating on gratitude, individuals can bolster their resilience and develop the strength necessary to overcome life’s obstacles, ultimately resulting in a more fulfilling and purpose-driven existence.

Three Key Points

1. Adopting a positive attitude: Transforming one’s mindset is crucial for personal growth and self-improvement, and embracing positivity can help individuals confront life’s challenges more effectively. 2. Cultivating gratitude: Focusing on gratitude allows individuals to appreciate the good aspects of their lives, which can enhance resilience and provide motivation to overcome obstacles. 3. Demonstrating determination, courage, and perseverance: These traits are essential for overcoming challenges such as chronic depression, addiction, and childhood trauma, enabling individuals to lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

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