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Crocker's Triad:

You've got the power to boost your resilience and performance! Just tweak your mindset and approach to tough situations through some transformative thinking. Be positive, knock down those obstacles, and become a pro at bouncing back from adversity. Managing stress and boosting your overall well-being? Heck yeah, you've got this!

Welcome to a World of Transformation with Sheldon S. Crocker

Discover a life where you not only envision success but achieve it with tangible, practical steps. At Sheldon S. Crocker's Transformative Thinking, we're not just about initiating change; we're about revolutionizing your entire approach to life and work. As the founder and visionary behind this powerful movement, I, Sheldon S. Crocker, invite you to experience transformation that leads to real, measurable success.

Harnessing years of experience as a dynamic speaker, a catalyst for personal development, a champion of inclusion, and an acclaimed author, I offer you the keys to unlock your potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Defying the odds against Arthrogryposis, I’ve turned my story into one of triumph, inspiring countless others to rise above their challenges. My journey and achievements, celebrated on national platforms and recognized with prestigious awards, are a testament to the power of resilience.

Dedicated to fostering a world where every individual can thrive, I advocate for a philosophy of inclusivity and growth. Join us at Sheldon’s Transformative Thinking, where your personal and professional transformation awaits, and explore the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Empower Your Journey Overcoming Adversity

My story is not just mine but a beacon for anyone facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Through overcoming Arthrogryposis and rising to become a sought-after keynote speaker, I embody resilience. Let my journey inspire you to tackle your challenges head-on, transforming adversity into a stepping stone towards your success.

Elevate Your Performance with Strategic Thinking

Drawing upon deep insights into personal development and inclusion, I guide individuals and organizations to significantly enhance their performance. My approach goes beyond mere motivation; it’s about instigating real, positive change that boosts productivity and results in lasting success.

Master Stress with Proven Strategies

Experience a life where stress doesn’t control you—you control it. Leveraging personal experiences and expert knowledge, I equip you with strategies that not only manage stress but turn it into a force for positive growth. The outcome? Improved mental well-being, peak performance, and a harmonious balance in every aspect of your life.

Join me, Sheldon S. Crocker, on this transformative journey. Together, we’ll unlock the doors to your potential, paving the way for a future filled with success, well-being, and fulfillment.

Featured Services

Experience the power of transformative thinking firsthand

Unlock the Transformative Power of Mindset

Book a Transformative Session

Seeking a transformational experience? Opt for a 50-minute virtual engagement for $300 or a dynamic in-person session for $500. Tailored specifically to your group’s needs, my sessions draw from three pivotal topics, concluding with an engaging 10-minute Q&A, ensuring an interactive and impactful experience.

1. From Pain to Peace

Transform mental health perceptions, creating a space of understanding and acceptance.

2. Living Beyond Limits

Empower freedom over fear, showcasing the boundless potential within those living with disabilities.

3. Goals Within Reach

Navigate through obstacles to realize your aspirations, proving that no dream is too distant.

What You Gain:

 Prepare to be transformed. My sessions offer actionable insights and resilient strategies to equip you for life’s challenges, providing a robust toolkit for navigating adversity with confidence and grace.

Why Partner with Me?

Embark on a journey of recovery and empowerment. My comprehensive approach addresses the core issues of depression, addiction, and past trauma, offering a solid foundation for healing and personal growth..

Your Next Step:

Seize the opportunity to catalyze change for yourself and your community. Secure your session now and commence a transformative journey towards a brighter, more resilient tomorrow.

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Cost to Join Program

$173CAD for the Full Course

Length of Program

Recommended approx. 6-Weeks


Do-It-Yourself, Done-With-You


Meetings Per Week & Length of meetings

1 Call per Week; 45-Minutes

Bio: Transformative Leadership by Sheldon S. Crocker

Sheldon S. Crocker stands at the forefront of personal empowerment and inclusive leadership, pioneering transformative strategies for personal and professional excellence. At the core of Crocker’s Transformative Thinking lies a commitment to elevating individuals to their peak potential and fostering inclusive environments across workplaces.

Through a dynamic range of speeches, workshops, and the acclaimed “Unleash Your Greatness: A 6-Week Journey to Empowerment and Transformation” online course, Sheldon equips you with the tools to manifest significant positive shifts in your life, enhance workplace performance, and master stress with actionable growth strategies.

Keynote speaker, Human Integration Specialist, and published author Sheldon R. S. Crocker is on a mission to inspire leaders with his transformative thinking techniques

Background: A Beacon of Inspiration

Sheldon, the author behind the inspiring masterpieces “Keep on Walking – A Transformative & Inspirational Journey,” and “The Road to Resilience – A Memoir of Overcoming Adversity,” transforms personal battles, fear-facing, and the art of moving forward into actionable insights. These impactful works, combined with Sheldon’s transformative courses and talks, have ignited change and inspired hope in people worldwide, reaching over 10 countries. His term as the president of the Positive Thinkers Club in St. John’s highlights his unwavering commitment to spreading positivity and empowerment, making a lasting difference in countless lives and communities.

transformative thinking: global impact

Sheldon’s commitment ensures that everyone, regardless of their background or abilities, experiences a profound sense of inclusion and value. His innovative perspective on viewing disability as an opportunity—dubbed dis-ABILITY—resonates deeply, empowering a broad audience to see potential where society often sees limitations.

Ultimately, Sheldon S. Crocker’s work transcends mere individual assistance; it’s a transformative force aimed at creating significant, positive changes globally. Through Crocker’s Transformative Thinking, he delivers transformative experiences that not only enrich individual lives but also foster stronger, more inclusive communities. This approach is a testament to the power of transformative thinking in catalyzing lasting positive change, both personally and collectively.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower global leaders to create sustainable transformations. Through our innovative approaches, we aim to uplift individuals and communities, driving community-wide progress with impactful conversations and actions. We're dedicated to not just talking about change but actively contributing to it by enhancing well-being, fostering resilience in communities, and making a tangible difference in people's lives every day.


Our vision is a world where every individual recognizes and reaches their full potential, transforming not only their own lives but also enriching their communities. We strive to be the spark for this transformation by providing dynamic presentations, actionable insights from our publications, and accessible online learning. Our goal is to ignite a passion for positive change, encouraging individuals to adopt new perspectives and take concrete steps toward creating a more hopeful, empowered future for themselves and those around them.


Hey there! I’m Sheldon S. Crocker, and I’m super excited to share my book with you – “The Road to Resilience.” This isn’t just any book; it’s my heart and soul poured onto pages. It’s about the tough times, the comebacks, and everything in between.


My life’s been like a wild ride through stormy seas, starting in St. John’s, Newfoundland. From dealing with addiction and being homeless to standing on international stages, speaking to crowds – I’ve lived through some real ups and downs. And now, 24 years sober, I’m here to share my story with you, hoping it’ll light up your path just like it did mine.

What's Inside

In this book, I take you through my journey. We’re talking about the rough patches, the big mistakes, and the moments that turned everything around. And it’s not just my story – I’ve got tales from amazing people I’ve met along the way. Their stories add some serious color to this adventure.


  • How the stuff from our childhood can stick around and mess with us.
  • Getting to the root of addiction and starting to sort it out.
  • The importance of having grit and a solid crew in your corner.

Who Should Read This

If you’re wrestling with addiction, facing life’s curveballs, or just keen on a story about getting back up, this book’s for you. It’s honest, sometimes funny, always real, and packed with the kind of advice that comes from living it, not just reading about it.

So, grab a copy of “The Road to Resilience.” It’s not just a book; it’s a journey we can go on together. Here’s to finding strength, bouncing back, and laughing along the way!


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