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Transformation training and empowerment: Sheldon provides essential training for personal and organizational growth and development. His talks are centered around Crocker’s Triad which is his personal philosophy, resonating with everything he does. 

Experience the power of transformative thinking firsthand

Hire Me To Present To Your Group

I offer a concise, 50-minute presentation online for $300 or in-person for $500. This includes a choice among my Three Core Topics, customized for your audience, followed by a 10-minute Q&A session.

1. Servitude into Serenity

Audience – Individuals confronting societal views on personal limitations. Benefit – Encourages self-empowerment and societal perspective shifts.

2. The Darksome Room

Audience – Those facing mental health challenges. Benefit – Insight and strategies for overcoming mental illness stigma.

Audience – Anyone setting personal and professional goals. Benefit – Motivational guidance and success tactics for goal achievement.

Course Name

Unleash Your Greatness: A 6-week Journey to Empowerment and Transformation

Cost to Join Program

$373CAD Full Course

Length of Program

Recommended 3-Months


Do-It-Yourself, Done-With-You



Meetings Per Week & Length of meetings

1 calls per week; 45 minutes



Transformative thinking six week journey

I truly understand the importance of transforming your attitude to embrace gratitude. I promise that my talks and products will be designed to inspire you to live with determination, courage, and perseverance. Together, we’ll address issues like chronic depression, addiction, and childhood trauma, and work towards overcoming them. My goal is to support and empower you on your journey toward transformation, healing, and personal growth.

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