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I offer a 50-minute ONLINE talk presentation for $300 or In-Person for $500. It will include talks covering either of my Three Core Topics that can be tailored for your audience, with a 10-minute Q&A at the end.

1. Servitude into Serenity

overcoming addiction and childhood trauma.

2. The Darksome Room

overcoming addiction and childhood trauma.

3. Keep on Walking

living with determination, courage and perseverance.

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Unstuck – Unlock the 7 Keys to Success & Conquer Life’s Challenges Today!

Cost to Join Program

$173cad for the full course

Length of Program

7 Modules, 22 Sessions (recommended approx. six weeks)


Do-It-Yourself, Done-With-You



Meetings Per Week & Length of meetings

2 calls per week; 45 minutes each


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keynote speaker and published author Sheldon R. S. Crocker from from
I Promise to help you transform your attitude so you can feel gratitude. – I promise my talks and products will inspire you to live with determination, courage, and perseverance. Among other things, I promise that what I present will assist you in dealing with and overcoming chronic depression, addiction and childhood trauma.