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My 1st book, KEEP on WALKING
From Turmoil to Triumph

Firstly, the Autobiography of Sheldon, an award-winning speaker, shares his gripping personal story with humor and candor. Transitioning from a turbulent childhood shuttling between St. John’s and Shallow Bay to confronting a life-threatening illness, his journey is one of remarkable resilience. Despite facing alcoholism from the tender age of 17 and homelessness by 24, Sheldon’s tale is a testament to overcoming adversity and emerging stronger.

Empowerment in Every Page
Secondly, “KEEP on WALKING” is more than a book – it’s an experience that leaves readers feeling uplifted and empowered, described as brave, honest, moving, and at times hilarious.

Discover the Power of Resilience and Hope
Thirdly, embark on this inspirational journey of recovery and personal growth with Sheldon S. Crocker. “KEEP on WALKING” is an essential read for those navigating their own path of self-discovery, providing valuable lessons in resilience and the enduring power of the human spirit.

An Inspirational Story of Addiction Recovery and Personal Resilience
Additionally, dive into the profound narrative of “KEEP on WALKING: A Transformative and Inspirational Journey” by Sheldon S. Crocker. Beyond an autobiography, it’s a beacon of hope, offering support, encouragement, and a roadmap to transformation.

Connecting Through Shared Experiences
Furthermore, explore the role of support and community in overcoming life’s hurdles through Sheldon’s encounters in “KEEP on WALKING.” Motivating and inspiring, this book resonates with anyone facing addiction or the challenges of life.

A Journey to Sobriety and Success
Finally, follow Sheldon’s 24-year journey to sobriety and solopreneurship. Delve into the factors behind addiction, the transformative path to recovery, and the emotional fulfillment found in sobriety despite achieving dreams.

11 reviews for Autobiography – KEEP On WALKING

  1. David

    This is an incredibly brave story sharing how no matter how you were born, you have the power to change your own destiny. And even though we try we may take a few steps forward and one back but this life story is encouraging to help you no matter where you are at in your life journey. If you’ve never felt good enough or not enough or feeling anxious you are not alone. Keep walking can offer encouragement to do just that. I also love the poetry in the back. Bravo!

  2. Natasha Bazilevych

    This book is raw and real. The author lets you into his life and allows you to follow his journey, his transformation. You rejoice over his victories and achievements together with him. And it shows you that anything is possible for a person who’s determined to change his or her life. It’s a beautiful example of human resilience and the freedom that comes with it.

  3. LISA V Hicks

    Keep on Walking is an awesome read. Sheldon Crocker overcame his generational Negative mindset to achieve his dreams and goals. It’s speaks volumes when you can still be an overcome when all you heard was Negative words from birth. Plus, he still managed to get an education!! He faced his mental and addiction issues so he can fix himself. Bravo to Sheldon for being a great success story. Also, I see his disability as a blessing. It makes him standout to be noticed.

  4. A. E.

    I’m thrilled our Book club read this book this month! It was uplifting and had practical advice on how to adapt and persevere in spite of challenges. Highly recommended!

  5. Rachel

    This story is raw and real. Some parts are hard to believe, and the overcoming is so inspiring! I love how the poetry was sprinkled throughout revealing that no matter our circumstances, beauty, and inspiration are always available! You will be cheering the author on as you read the unfolding that has taken place in his life!

  6. Samantha Newhook

    Sheldon shares his life story and all his struggles that he had to deal with in his life. He explains his true feelings of living with depression and anxiety, that so many people can relate to. To read what he had to endure and with hard work and hope, to be where he is today, it is very inspirational. Great job Sheldon…keep up the great work just keep on walking! – Samantha

  7. Andrew Marc Rowe

    Keep On Walking is a self-published book from a local (to me) Newfoundland author. As you might have guessed from the title, Crocker is a person with a disability who lives in St. John’s. He has been through the wringer. If you want to get to know the guy, read this book. If you want to get to know yourself, read this book. To be honest, I don’t know that I’ve ever read anything like this before. Part autobiography, part book of poetry, part travel journal, part addiction recovery journal, part resume: the thing reads like a pastiche of a man’s journey, a scrapbook of pure life. It is raw and uncut – there are numerous formatting and editorial blemishes that, conversely to what you might think, actually add to the book’s credibility in my eyes. The tone is beyond conversational – there are moments where stream of consciousness takes over (see journals referenced above). I picked it up and did not put it down until I was finished. The book is probably the most inspirational one that I have read, and I’m not just blowing smoke. I had several emotional reactions to reading about the issues the man has faced throughout his life, his trials and tribulations, his journey out of the Hell of self-pitying addiction and into a more stable existence as an integrated member of the community. One of my oft-repeated quotes from the student of Freud (who was in truth a mystic masquerading as a psychologist), Carl Jung, goes something like this: ‘no tree, it is said, can stretch to Heaven unless its roots reach down to Hell.’ Well, Sheldon himself admits to not quite having made it into Heaven, but he’ll give you a full picture of what Hell looks like. As a cis-gendered straight white guy approaching middle age, I am becoming more keenly aware of my privilege as the years go by. Crocker makes it clear in his book that people living with disabilities are people first. He takes particular offence at what he calls ‘inspirational porn,’ the tendency for the able-bodied to use examples of people living with disabilities as heroes for being people. As Crocker himself states in his book, ‘It’s not enough to live our lives and learn how to work with our disabilities. We also have to inspire millions of others to recognize how “lucky” they are to be able-bodied.’ Let me be clear: Crocker’s book is not inspirational because a guy living with a disability wrote it. It’s inspirational because it tugs at that innately human part of us that dreams of freedom and love and compassion. In many ways, Crocker’s story follows the archetypal Hero’s Journey of self-discovery that underscores human art and mythology, the one discovered and elucidated by Joseph Campbell during his years on Earth. With this lens, we can see that Crocker is in the final stage of his journey: the return of the boon discovered in the abyss to society. A true alchemist, the man has found a way to transmute his pain into wisdom to be digested by the community. I should also point out that it’s not just disability with which Crocker deals. Mental illness falls within the constellation of challenges which he has had to overcome. In particular, his description of significant anxiety, including thinking that he was having a heart attack and going to the hospital, struck a chord with me. You could pretty much put that passage in my own autobiography. I could wax on about this all day, but the truth is that the book is as potently affecting as any I have ever read. There are books that are meant to entertain, as pure means of escape. Then there are the stuffy texts which are full of knowledge but lack a beating heart. Keep On Walking walks the tightrope of being both entertaining and wise, eye-opening and heartfelt. It is a fantastic book that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone with a pulse.

  8. Jade

    Sheldon’s book is truly one of a kind. He shares his story in a very unique, refreshing way that is easy to read while also being incredibly inspiring. It is a very beautiful book filled with authenticity and wisdom, and I highly recommend it. I feel blessed to have met Sheldon and have been able to read his book as part of my journey.

  9. Dan Earle

    So, I thought it was wonderful. The book itself was raw and uncut, and in its way very difficult to read in such a way that it has a lot of triggers; this being the same reason it should be read, both by those that to hear certain things you said, and those that don’t have any insight into mental illness. It’s nice to in that it’s self authored, because it makes it a lot easier to relate to the narrative being told. That includes the spelling mistakes, which give it an air of “realness” to it. That’s further enforced by the journal entries, which are about as naked as naked gets. Even most professional publishers heavily edit any journal entries that are going into biographies. So all that being said I thought it was a very informative and educating read, I loved it, and feel like I learned a lot about you. You also really got me with the Supergirl quote; Callie and I have bonded over superheroes and I quote Supergirl and the Flash to her all the time. I think a lot of people on both sides of the mental health fence need to read it. A lot of people could learn a lot from a fresh, uncensored look inside our government systems and mental health systems

  10. charles dicks

    Excellent book for anyone struggling with anxiety or anyone who knows someone who is. He does a great job describing the feelings of panic, giving insight into what anxiety can be like. This is a very personal book and the author gives an unvarnished look into his life – the good with the bad. He relates how mental illness can be brushed aside even by those close to us because they just don’t know any better and don’t recognize it as what it is. Shining a light on a topic not talked about as openly in some communities still. Well done!


    This story of hope and inspiration can relate to so many peoples lives. Over coming of the deepest and darkest moments in our past lives to make room for hope, compassion and inspiration for a positive and fulfilling life. Sheldon’s story is a true example of this. I loved reading each part of his life journey. -Katie

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