Capturing the Journey: My Work and Achievements

This gallery showcases my journey over the years. These images are a visual tale of my work, efforts, passion, and achievements. Each photo tells a different story, coming together to paint the complete picture of who I am today. So, join me on this visual trip through my life.


This album showcases my literary works. Writing has been a powerful way for me to share my journey of transformation. My works have inspired people across the country and beyond. Through these books, I aim to offer hope, resilience, and a sense of possibility to all who read them..

This memoir is Sheldon’s history. It is the explicit account of his battle with disability, childhood trauma, and equally, addiction. In this book, he essentially provides insight through an open and insightful narration of his own story.

A pathway to poetry by Sheldon Crocker of transformative thinking

This piece of literature takes the reader through a journey of the author’s life using poems.This illustrates his transformation, struggle and victory over addiction. This is a message of resilience and hope to all who are struggling.

Empowerment Book by Sheldon S. Crocker

My inspiring journey from a life of abuse, addiction, and homelessness to one of purpose and advocacy. “This book shares raw and powerful stories of transformation, offering hope and strength to anyone facing challenges. This best-selling memoir is a beacon of resilience and a guide to finding a brighter future.

gallery: certificates

Sheldon Crocker has been an active participant in the Toastmasters program and has acquired certificates that demonstrate his proficiency in these essential skills. Notably, Sheldon served as the Executive Director of Education for Iceberg Alley, a newly formed club established to keep people united at the beginning of the pandemic. During the club’s short two-year existence, Sheldon earned the Presentation Mastery Certificate, highlighting his commitment to personal and professional growth.

gallery: Positive Thinkers Club

Sheldon Crocker was an integral part of the Positive Thinkers Club, a not-for-profit organization based in St. John’s. The organization aims to instill positivity in its members through regular monthly breakfast meetings and semi-annual seminars for personal and professional development. Sheldon served as president and played a key role in the success of these meetings and seminars but has since moved on to focus on new endeavors.

gallery: transformative thinking

Welcome to the “Transformative Thinking” gallery. These images highlight key moments in my journey of inspiring and empowering others. From speaking engagements to personal milestones, each photo represents a chapter in my story of resilience and advocacy. Explore these snapshots to see how my work has evolved and the impact it has had.

gallery: The race

In the face of predictions that I would never walk, I stood determined at the start line of the Tely10, a 10-mile race through St. John’s. Overcoming severe injuries and physical limitations, I turned mental visualization into my training ritual. Each step of the race, from the encouragement of fellow runners to the final cheers at the finish line, was a testament to my journey of resilience and empowerment. The Tely10 was not just a race, but a powerful affirmation that with determination, we can transcend any challenge.

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