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This gallery shows Sheldon’s journey over the years. They are a visual tale of his works, efforts, passion, and achievements. Each image tells a different story, which all come together to paint the complete image of the man that Sheldon S. Crocker is today. So, join us as we embark on this visual trip through Sheldon’s life.


This album shows the literary works Sheldon has been involved in. These include books in which he was the author and a book in which he was a co-author. Sheldon is a talented author and his works have been sources of great inspiration to people all over the country and even beyond. His personal story is full of transformation and he is able to share that by writing and featuring in books.

Keep on walking

This memoir is Sheldon’s history. It is the explicit account of his battle with disability, childhood trauma, and equally, addiction. In this book, he essentially provides insight through an open and insightful narration of his own story.

A pathway to poetry by Sheldon Crocker of transformative thinking

a pathway of poetry

This piece of literature takes the reader through a journey of the author’s life using poems.This illustrates his transformation, struggle and victory over addiction. This is a message of resilience and hope to all who are struggling.

celebrating 365days of gratitude

People from all walks of life join together in this thought-of-the-day collection of essays brimming with appreciation. These stories are evidence that gratitude can be a life-changing force.

gallery: certificates

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that equips leaders with the skills that they need to develop themselves and their communities. They operate worldwide and have their training through a network of clubs which could be in person or online. Their aim is to help build confidence and improve public speaking skills. Sheldon has been a part of the program and has acquired certificates that show his proficiency in the required skills.

gallery: Positive Thinkers Club

Mr. Crocker is an integral part of the Positive Thinkers Club, a not-for-profit organization based in St. John’s. The organization primarily aims to instill positivity into its members through regular monthly breakfast meetings and semi-annual seminars for personal and professional development. Sheldon was a one-time president and still is a core member and plays an important role in the organization and success of the aforementioned meetings and seminars.

gallery: transformative thinking

gallery: The race

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