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Crocker's triad of transformative

Crocker's Triad:

Resilience, Performance Enhancement, and Positive Stress Management through transformative thinking

Welcome to Sheldon's TRANSFORMATIVE THINKING: Speaker, Author, Coach.

Welcome to Sheldon S. Crocker's Transformative Thinking. Initiate practical changes, fast-track progress, and succeed today

Enter the realm where firstly, you can initiate practical changes, fast-track progress, and succeed today and consequently, personal transformation becomes reality with Sheldon’s Practical Success through transformative thinking. I am Sheldon S. Crocker, the driving force and equally the visionary behind this empowering initiative, humbled to serve as its Founder and CEO.

With a captivating blend of expertise as a dynamic keynote speaker, passionate personal development activator, dedicated champion of human inclusion, and lastly, accomplished published author, I skillfully harness these diverse talents to ignite your own journey of profound personal transformation.

Overcoming the challenges of Arthrogryposis, a neuromuscular condition I was born with, I have in fact defied limitations through resilience and now inspire others through powerful speeches. My achievements have been featured on national media platforms, equally marked groundbreaking appearances in the MerB’y Documentary and Calendar, and also earned me the esteemed Human Relations Award from Dale Carnegie training.

As an unwavering advocate for inclusivity, I am undoubtedly committed to positively impacting lives through transformative thinking. I invite you to join me on this remarkable path of growth, where boundless possibilities await you with Transformative Thinking led to Sheldon’s Practical Success.

Overcoming Adversity with transformative thinking

Sheldon S. Crocker’s inspirational journey of overcoming physical limitations due to Arthrogryposis and eventually becoming an influential keynote speaker ultimately demonstrates his remarkable resilience. Furthermore, His personal story serves as an embodiment of overcoming adversity, thereby inspiring individuals to face any

boosting performance by transformative thinking

Leveraging his experience in personal development and human inclusion, Sheldon helps individuals and organizations significantly improve performance. His powerful talks and transformative thinking approach are chiefly designed to instigate positive changes and optimize productivity.

managing stress through transformative thinking

Sheldon empowers individuals to handle stress positively. Drawing from his experiences and professional expertise, he explicitly provides effective strategies for managing stress, leading to significantly improved mental well-being, enhanced performance, and an overall balanced lifestyle.

Featured Services

Experience the power of transformative thinking firsthand

Experience the power of transformative thinking, firsthand

Book me for an inspiring presentation to your group and afterward choose from a compelling 50-minute ONLINE talk priced at $300 or an engaging In-Person session for $500. Tailored to your audience, select from my Three Core Topics. Together, let’s ignite change and growth. Therefore, reserve your spot now and enjoy a 10-minute Q&A session at the end.

1. Servitude into Serenity

Sharing personal struggle with mental illness thereby, aiming to end stigma.

2. The Darksome Room

Discussing living with a disability, as a result,  transforming fear into freedom.

3. Keep on Walking

Inspiring goal setting and achievement despite disability.

Unlock the power within you and consequently embrace a transformative journey like no other. I hereby, make you a solemn promise – together, we will reshape your attitude, thereby cultivating a profound sense of gratitude that permeates every aspect of your life.

Prepare to be inspired, as my talks and products serve essentially as agents of change for a life filled with determination, courage, and unwavering perseverance. I offer you more than just words; I offer you the tools to conquer the darkest of days altogether.


Transformative thinking: Healing and growth

When you join me, as a result, you embark on a path of healing and growth. Trust that my expertise will guide you through the depths of chronic depression, addiction, and the scars of childhood trauma. These challenges may have shaped your past however, they will most certainly not define your future.

I stand by my promise to equip you with practical strategies, invaluable insights, and overall unwavering support. Together, we will harness your inner strength, as a result,  empowering you to triumph over adversity and discover the resilient and unstoppable force that lies within.

Believe in the incredible transformation that awaits you. Meanwhile, embrace this opportunity to basically rewrite your narrative, find solace, and unveil the limitless possibilities that lie on the other side of your struggles. I promise to walk this transformative journey with you, every step of the way.

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Cost to Join Program

$373CAD for the Full Course

Length of Program

Recommended approx. 6-Weeks


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Meetings Per Week & Length of meetings

1 Call per Week; 45-Minutes



transformative thinking: Current Main Topic

Transform Your Attitude, Feel Gratitude -Living with determination, courage, and perseverance therefore, dealing with and overcoming chronic depression, addiction, and childhood trauma.

transformative thinking: Three Key Points

Learn how to deal with stress more positively, consequently, improving performance, and essentially becoming inspired to take on any challenge.


Sheldon S. Crocker is a distinguished Personal Development Activator, Keynote Inspirational Soul Speaker, and also Human Inclusion Specialist. He is the visionary founder of Crocker’s Transformative Thinking, a groundbreaking platform that specializes in overall personal and organizational development. With a focus primarily on transformative thinking techniques, Sheldon’s enterprise offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at significantly empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their highest potential.


Under Sheldon’s leadership, Crocker’s Transformative Thinking has undeniably become a beacon for innovation in the field of personal development. The platform offers keynote speeches, workshops, and furthermore, an online course titled “Unleash Your Greatness: A 6-Week Journey to Empowerment and Transformation.” Each offering is meticulously designed to instigate significantly positive changes, optimize overall performance, and consequently equip individuals with practical strategies for effective stress management and ultimately personal growth.

Keynote speaker, Human Integration Specialist, and published author Sheldon R. S. Crocker is on a mission to inspire leaders with his transformative thinking techniques


As a Published Author, Sheldon has contributed significantly to the literature on personal development with his transformative memoir, “Keep on Walking.” The book presently serves as both an inspirational guide and a cornerstone of the educational materials available through Crocker’s Transformative Thinking. It basically encapsulates Sheldon’s three core topics: “Servitude into Serenity,” “The Darksome Room,” and lastly, “Keep on Walking,” which are also the focus of his online course and presentations.

Sheldon’s expertise has garnered international attention, significantly inspiring individuals in more than 10 countries. His work has been featured on various national media platforms, further amplifying the reach and impact of Crocker’s Transformative Thinking accordingly. As the past president of the Positive Thinkers Club – St. John’s, Sheldon has ultimately demonstrated a sustained commitment to fostering positive attitudes and empowering others altogether.


transformative thinking: global impact

A strong advocate for inclusion, integration, and also diversity, Sheldon leverages without reservation his platform to engage in significantly innovative conversations that contribute to overall social prosperity. His approach to disability as dis-ABILITY—to challenge basically oneself and furthermore, to empower others—ultimately, has become a guiding principle of his business, resonating with a broad audience equally seeking transformation and empowerment.

Sheldon S. Crocker’s mission extends beyond individual empowerment; ultimately, he aims to make a global impact by being a difference-maker in the lives of enough people to basically effect positive change on a grand scale. His business, Crocker’s Transformative Thinking, essentially stands as a testament to this mission, offering transformative experiences that make a lasting, positive difference in individuals and communities worldwide.

Mission Statement

To inspire leaders, essentially, to be the difference-makers in the lives of enough people to make a positive difference globally. I aim to inspire the world by significantly enhancing people's lives and therefore contributing to social prosperity through innovative conversations.


Because of my presentations, book, and online course, others believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, and, ultimately, the world. They feel equally empowered to recognize their inner greatness. It’s a world in which inspiration is the key to success. The power of ideas furthermore transforms the world. People recognize their greatness essentially. Success depends ultimately on inspiration.

Keep on Walking Author: Sheldon S. Crocker - Book Promo


“Keep on Walking” is a transformative memoir that delves into the journey of Sheldon R. S. Crocker, an award-winning speaker who faced addiction, childhood trauma, disability, and numerous other challenges. Through candid storytelling and unquestionably perceptive self-awareness, Sheldon recounts his experiences and ultimately provides advice for those struggling with similar life challenges.


Raised in a troubled family, Sheldon frequently traveled between his parents’ homes from St. John’s to Shallow Bay on the Northern Peninsula. As a 17-year-old, he became an alcoholic and consequently faced difficulties in school. At the age of 24, Sheldon was homeless, and eventually by 26, he entered a rehabilitation center to begin his recovery from alcoholism. Now, as a 50-year-old solopreneur with a 24-year sobriety record, he finally shares his story to inspire others.


In “Keep on Walking,” Sheldon Crocker delves significantly into various aspects of his life, including his upbringing in a troubled family, the pursuit of recognition that led to his popularity, and furthermore, the unfulfilled void that persisted despite achieving his dreams. He also discusses explicitly his life with disability and the overall peace he has found in sobriety. Throughout the memoir, he shares stories of classmates and other individuals he encountered along the way.


  • The impact of childhood trauma particularly on addiction and personal development. 
  • The importance of recognizing and thereafter addressing the root causes of addiction.
  • The power of resilience and determination particularly in overcoming life’s obstacles.
  • The value of support systems and personal connections in the overall recovery process.


“Keep on Walking” serves as a source of support primarily for individuals struggling with sobriety or facing daily life challenges. Essentially, the memoir offers an honest, moving, and occasionally humorous account of Sheldon’s life, explicitly providing valuable insights and motivation for those seeking to overcome adversity. Readers interested in personal transformation, resilience, and the power of redemption will find this book without a doubt, informative and altogether inspiring.

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