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Crocker's Triad:

You've got the power to boost your resilience and performance! Just tweak your mindset and approach to tough situations through some transformative thinking. Be positive, knock down those obstacles, and become a pro at bouncing back from adversity. Managing stress and boosting your overall well-being? Heck yeah, you've got this!

Welcome to Sheldon's TRANSFORMATIVE THINKING: Speaker, Author, Coach.

Welcome to Sheldon S. Crocker's Transformative Thinking. Initiate practical changes, fast-track progress, and succeed today

Enter the realm where firstly, you can initiate practical changes, fast-track progress, and succeed today and consequently, personal transformation becomes reality with Sheldon’s Practical Success through transformative thinking. I am Sheldon S. Crocker, the driving force and equally the visionary behind this empowering initiative, humbled to serve as its Founder and CEO.

With a captivating blend of expertise as a dynamic keynote speaker, passionate personal development activator, dedicated champion of human inclusion, and lastly, accomplished published author, I skillfully harness these diverse talents to ignite your own journey of profound personal transformation.

Overcoming the challenges of Arthrogryposis, a neuromuscular condition I was born with, I have in fact defied limitations through resilience and now inspire others through powerful speeches. My achievements have been featured on national media platforms, equally marked groundbreaking appearances in the MerB’y Documentary and Calendar, and also earned me the esteemed Human Relations Award from Dale Carnegie training.

As an unwavering advocate for inclusivity, I am undoubtedly committed to positively impacting lives through transformative thinking. I invite you to join me on this remarkable path of growth, where boundless possibilities await you with Transformative Thinking led to Sheldon’s Practical Success.

Overcoming Adversity with transformative thinking

Sheldon S. Crocker’s inspirational journey of overcoming physical limitations due to Arthrogryposis and eventually becoming an influential keynote speaker ultimately demonstrates his remarkable resilience. Furthermore, His personal story serves as an embodiment of overcoming adversity, thereby inspiring individuals to face any

boosting performance by transformative thinking

Leveraging his experience in personal development and human inclusion, Sheldon helps individuals and organizations significantly improve performance. His powerful talks and transformative thinking approach are chiefly designed to instigate positive changes and optimize productivity.

managing stress through transformative thinking

Sheldon empowers individuals to handle stress positively. Drawing from his experiences and professional expertise, he explicitly provides effective strategies for managing stress, leading to significantly improved mental well-being, enhanced performance, and an overall balanced lifestyle.

Featured Services

Experience the power of transformative thinking firsthand

Experience the power of transformative thinking, firsthand

Book Me for a Life-Changing Talk

Looking for an inspiring speaker? Choose from a 50-minute online talk for $300 or an in-person session for $500. Each talk can be tailored to fit your audience’s needs from my three core topics. Plus, enjoy a bonus 10-minute Q&A session at the end.


1. From Pain to Peace

Ending the stigma around mental health

Living Beyond Limits

Turning fear into freedom when living with a disability.

Goals Within Reach

Achieving your dreams despite challenges.

What You’ll Get

Get ready to be inspired. My talks give you more than words; they give you the tools to face tough days head-on.

Why Choose Me?

I bring you a path of healing and growth. Whether you’re dealing with depression, addiction, or the scars of your past, I’ve got strategies, insights, and steadfast support to help you find your inner strength.


Take the Next Step

Don’t miss this chance to change your life and the lives of those in your group. Reserve your spot today and start your journey to a better tomorrow.

Purchase My Online Video Course

Cost to Join Program

$373CAD for the Full Course

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Recommended approx. 6-Weeks


Do-It-Yourself, Done-With-You


Meetings Per Week & Length of meetings

1 Call per Week; 45-Minutes




Sheldon S. Crocker is a leading expert in personal development, an inspiring keynote speaker, and a specialist in making workplaces more inclusive. He’s the brains behind Crocker’s Transformative Thinking, a one-stop shop for personal and professional growth. Sheldon focuses on helping people change the way they think, so they can reach their highest potential.

 Through his platform, Sheldon offers a variety of services like speeches, workshops, and an online course called “Unleash Your Greatness: A 6-Week Journey to Empowerment and Transformation.” These programs are designed to make a big positive change in your life, help you perform better at work, and give you practical ways to manage stress and grow personally.

Keynote speaker, Human Integration Specialist, and published author Sheldon R. S. Crocker is on a mission to inspire leaders with his transformative thinking techniques


He’s also a published author, with a book called “Keep on Walking” that serves as an inspiring guide for personal growth. The book covers Sheldon’s three main topics: turning hardship into peace (“Servitude into Serenity”), facing your fears (“The Darksome Room”), and moving forward in life (“Keep on Walking”). These topics are also the core of his online courses and presentations.

Sheldon’s work has touched people in more than 10 countries and has been featured in the media. He’s also the past president of the Positive Thinkers Club in St. John’s, showing his long-term dedication to spreading positivity and empowering others.

transformative thinking: global impact

On top of all that, Sheldon is a strong advocate for making sure everyone feels included and valued, no matter their background or abilities. His unique way of looking at disability as an opportunity—what he calls dis-ABILITY—has struck a chord with a wide audience.

In short, Sheldon S. Crocker isn’t just about helping individuals; he’s on a mission to make a big, positive impact in the world. His business, Crocker’s Transformative Thinking, is proof of that mission, offering life-changing experiences that make a lasting difference in both individuals and communities.

Mission Statement

To inspire leaders to make a lasting, positive impact on a global scale. We aim to improve lives and contribute to societal well-being through meaningful conversations.


Inspiring individuals to unlock their inner greatness and transform their lives and communities. Through our presentations, books, and online courses, we ignite a passion for positive change, empowering people to shift attitudes and create a better world.


Hey there! I’m Sheldon S. Crocker, and I’m super excited to share my book with you – “The Road to Resilience.” This isn’t just any book; it’s my heart and soul poured onto pages. It’s about the tough times, the comebacks, and everything in between.


My life’s been like a wild ride through stormy seas, starting in St. John’s, Newfoundland. From dealing with addiction and being homeless to standing on international stages, speaking to crowds – I’ve lived through some real ups and downs. And now, 24 years sober, I’m here to share my story with you, hoping it’ll light up your path just like it did mine.

What's Inside

In this book, I take you through my journey. We’re talking about the rough patches, the big mistakes, and the moments that turned everything around. And it’s not just my story – I’ve got tales from amazing people I’ve met along the way. Their stories add some serious color to this adventure.


  • How the stuff from our childhood can stick around and mess with us.
  • Getting to the root of addiction and starting to sort it out.
  • The importance of having grit and a solid crew in your corner.

Who Should Read This

If you’re wrestling with addiction, facing life’s curveballs, or just keen on a story about getting back up, this book’s for you. It’s honest, sometimes funny, always real, and packed with the kind of advice that comes from living it, not just reading about it.

So, grab a copy of “The Road to Resilience.” It’s not just a book; it’s a journey we can go on together. Here’s to finding strength, bouncing back, and laughing along the way!


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