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About Sheldon R. S. Crocker

Keynote Inspirational Soul Speaker – Human Integration Specialist – Published Author

Crocker has learned the importance of adapting positively to any situation despite being born with Arthrogryposis, (a neuromuscular condition that affects the bones which cause the lack of muscular development, contraction at most joints, designed unable to crawl and also unable to raise my arms above my chest and other mobility limitations.)

Doctors thought I would never walk on my own. As I had braces on my legs, and a bar between my feet connecting both shoes until I was about 5. I learned to walk by placing my back against the wall, and sliding along. The only way I could get downstairs was to sit on my bum and bop my way down.  In his powerful talks, Crocker infuses his audience with his unique and unforgettable humor, inspiring them to live their dreams. Crocker has been interviewed on several national news programs and networks. He was also featured on the MerB’y Documentary and Calendar, making history as the first person with a physical disability to do so.

As a person who struggled with making friendships, he won the Human Relations Award during his Dale Carnegie training. He’s a chorister with Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir.

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I offer a 50-minute ONLINE talk presentation for $300 or In-Person for $500. It will include talks covering either of my Three Core Topics that can be tailored for your audience, with a 10-minute Q&A at the end.

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overcoming addiction and childhood trauma.

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overcoming addiction and childhood trauma.

3. Keep on Walking

living with determination, courage and perseverance.

I Promise to help you transform your attitude so you can feel gratitude. – I promise my talks and products will inspire you to live with determination, courage, and perseverance. Among other things, I promise that what I present will assist you in dealing with and overcoming chronic depression, addiction and childhood trauma.

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For years, Crocker has lived by the motto, “stay positive, adapt, and make things work.”

While unable to crawl and raise his arms above his head because of Arthrogryposis (a neuromuscular condition), he has learned a valuable lesson about adjusting to life’s unexpected challenges.

Until he was about 5, doctors thought he would not be able to walk without help. He learned to walk by sliding along a wall. He had to sit on his bum and bop his way downstairs.

His love of pool led him to develop an unusual way to play the game using just one arm. He became The One-Armed Bandit.

In addition to competing in some of the world’s largest pool tournaments, Crocker has appeared on a number of national news programs.

Known for his distinctive style and memorable humor, Crocker inspires his audiences.

The first person with a physical disability to appear in the MerB’y documentary and calendar.

He won the Dale Carnegie Human Relations Award despite having trouble making friends when he was younger.

His home for 6 years has been Stella’s Circles’ Inclusion Choir.

His previous positions include Ambassador for Accessible and Vice President of Education at Iceberg Alley Online Toastmasters.

Besides AGMs, he speaks at special events.

Keynote speaker, Human Integration Specialist, and published author Sheldon R. S. Crocker is on a mission to inspire leaders with his transformative thinking techniques

Having successfully stopped his addiction 20+ years ago, he shares his experiences.

His most recent endeavor was speaking at a TEDx-style event organized by the Jewish Congregation of Newfoundland.

A published author of ‘KEEP on WALKING – A Transformative & Inspirational Journey,’ he considers this his greatest achievement.Crocker has presented, spoken, and inspired in more than 10 countries via the Internet.

He maintains an active presence on the international stage in his capacity as past president of the Positive Thinkers Club – St. John’s.

Through his passion for helping others and knowledge of engaging the masses, Crocker is a strong advocate for inclusion, integration, and diversity.

His view of disability is more like dis-ABILITY to challenge himself, and dis-ABILITY to empower others.

People who hear his talks take a closer look inside and become confident that consistent work will lead to positive outcomes.

As someone who has lived through the issues he discusses, he is passionate, compassionate, empathetic, and humble.

He hopes to make a difference in someone’s life because of the experiences he wished he could have had as a child.

He began speaking publicly about his life challenges six years ago.

Sheldon says, “I felt like I had no voice for much of my life and was too afraid to share my stories. But now, I tell my story so often that one day, people will get up and say fifteen simple, and powerful words.

“My name is ______, I have lived with a physical disability, (mental illness, extreme addiction or whatever group is speaking,) and I am joyful.”

Mission Statement

To inspire leaders, to be the difference-maker in the lives of enough people to make a positive difference globally. I aim to inspire the world by enhancing people's lives and contributing to social prosperity through innovative conversations.


Because of my presentations, book and online course, others believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world. They feel empowered to recognize their inner greatness. It’s a world in which inspiration is the key to success. The power of ideas transforms the world. People recognize their greatness. Success depends on inspiration.

Current Main Topic

Transform Your Attitude, Feel Gratitude -Living with determination, courage and perseverance. Deal with and overcome chronic depression, addiction, and childhood trauma.

Three Key Points

Learn how to deal with stress more positively, Improve performance, and become inspired to take on any challenge.

KEEP on WALKING book promo

Through addiction, childhood trauma, disability, and almost anything else, Keep on Walking offers transformation. My name is Sheldon, and even though many refer to me as a friend, it was expected that I’d be dead by now. Award-winning speaker Sheldon R. S. Crocker shares his journey from childhood trauma to success to addiction to recovery after a life-threatening illness. When Sheldon was a child, he shuffled between his parents as they drove the many long hours between St. John’s and Shallow Bay on the Northern Peninsula. 17-year-old Sheldon was an alcoholic who often got into trouble at school. Less than a decade later, he spent much time in the hospital. Sheldon shares many stories as well as offers advice. At 24, Sheldon was homeless and eating donuts on the sidewalk. When Sheldon was 26, he entered a rehab center where he began his recovery journey from alcoholism. With a 23-year sobriety record, Sheldon has a bright future ahead of him as a 49-year-old solopreneur. In the manner only Sheldon Crocker is capable of portraying it, heartfelt, humorous, and warmly familiar, he reveals in his book how his troubled family raised him (and left him to his own resources). His desire for recognition, which led to his popularity, and the void left in his heart that was unfulfilled even though he achieved his deepest dreams. He also describes his feelings about life with dis-ABILITY and his peace in sobriety. Throughout the book, he recounts stories about his classmates and other individuals he met along the way. His lifelong struggle with addiction, as well as the factors that fueled it, is vividly described in Crocker’s memoir with candor, self-awareness, and witty humor. Those who are struggling with sobriety or daily life challenges can obtain support through Keep on Walking. A brave, honest, moving, and hilarious book.

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